IATSE Locals Mixer 2023

By Allana Johnson | February 8, 2023

The "All-In" IATSE Locals Mixer

In Solidarity

The “All In” Mixer drew in over 1,200 members from all 19 area locals, including a few from across the country and Canada. This event hosted by the 19 Los Angeles and Hollywood Locals, brought together members not only from the LA locals 33, 44, 80, 600, 695, 700, 705, 706, 728, 729, 768, 800, 829, 839, 857, 871, 884, 892, and B-192 but also as far away as Toronto’s 873. Over 70 volunteers made the night happen. Almost 600 donations to the PAC were made that night. $4,607. 98 in-kind gifts were donated for the raffle. At the end of the night, the total raised for the PAC was $24,620 for a total donated with the in-kind gifts $29,227.98. Our members showed up, had fun, and donated, they said it was the most fun they had had in a long time and were thrilled the IA Locals hosted an event for members.