Education: Our resources and breadth of knowledge

We strive to empower our members with the essential resources that enable them to thrive. To accomplish this, we offer a variety of valuable educational content, including our Master Class and Legacy Video series that can be accessed online featuring in-depth interviews with costume designers, assistant costume designers and illustrators, as well as a comprehensive toolbox that covers a range of crucial topics such as technology and trade, contract fundamentals, digital marketing, and expert advice on interviews and negotiations. Members and colleagues can benefit from these classes and resources, which are designed to enhance their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the field.

Education Overview

Master Class List

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  • Colleen Atwood
  • Ruth E. Carter
  • Deborah L. Scott
  • Kate Hawley
  • Michael Kaplan
  • Mayes C Rubeo

Legacy Videos List

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  • Cathrine Adair
  • Colleen Atwood
  • Stacy Battat
  • Mark Bridges
  • Alexandra Byrne
  • Ruth E. Carter
  • Ane Crabtree
  • Jenny Eagan
  • Diana Eden
  • Jeffrey Kurland
  • Bob Mackie
  • Mona May
  • Ellen Mirojnick
  • Bonnie Nipar
  • Arianne Phillips
  • Joseph Porro
  • Rita Riggs
  • May Routh
  • Marie Schley
  • Ivy Thaide
  • Albert Wolsey
  • Eilish Zebrasky

CDG EDU Toolbox

Whether you need help finding your best angle, planning for retirement, or learning the basics of Photoshop, the CDG EDU Toolbox has got you covered. Our extensive lessons are available HERE for you to explore.

Director of Education

Vice President Ivy Thaide



Master Class


The Power of the Suit: Designing The Silhouette

Rudy Mance, Ellen Mironjnick, Michelle Cole, Sophie De Rakoff, Mark Bridges

How The West Was Worn

Antoinette Messam, Isis Mussenden, Patia Prouty, Mary Zophres

Ruth E Carter

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Catherine Adair

Perry Mason

Michael Crow

Star Trek: Picard

Kate Hawley

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Colleen Atwood

Michael Kaplan

Mayes C Rubeo

Deborah L Scott

Legacy Videos