Rebecca Gregg

Norma Rae

Joint Statement

The Hollywood Locals of the IATSE stand together in our fight for sustainable pension and health benefits, reasonable rest, improved working conditions, and livable wages. These basic worker rights are the cornerstone of the labor movement, and we all are committed to fighting for them in order to create a more humane and equitable workplace. Negotiations for the Basic Agreement are now set to resume on July 6th. This break in negotiations provides an opportunity for us to engage our members around our priorities. We continue to be told that the industry cannot change the way it does business. What we have learned over the last year is that our industry can put the economic welfare, health, and safety of workers first and continue to thrive. We stand in solidarity and remain committed to protecting the health and security of our members and their families. Learn more at

In Solidarity,

      • Tobey Bays
      • Business Agent
      • IATSE Local 44


      • Scott Bernard
      • Business Representative,
      • IATSE Local 695


      • Randy Sayer
      • Business Agent
      • IATSE Local 706


      • Chuck Parker
      • National Executive Director
      • IATSE Local 800


    • Rachael Stanley
    • Executive Director
    • IATSE Local 892


      • Thom Davis
      • Business Agent
      • IATSE Local 80


      • Cathy Repola
      • National Executive Director
      • IATSE Local 700


      • Greg Reeves
      • Business Representative-Secretary
      • IATSE Local 728


    • Patric Abaravich
    • Business Agent
    • IATSE Local 871


      • Rebecca Rhine
      • National Executive Director
      • IATSE Local 600


      • Adam West
      • Business Representative
      • IATSE Local 705


      • Robert D. Denne
      • Business Representative
      • IATSE Local 729


    • Doug Boney
    • Business Agent
    • IATSE Local 884


When I hear what does my union do for me I always reply what do you do for your union Union are only as strong as their members and the effort they put forth
-Brigitta Romanov