Everything CDG Members Need to Know About the WGA Strike

The Costume Designers Guild supports the WGA’s efforts to negotiate a fair contract with the AMPTP. Writers play a critical role in the success of the entertainment industry and their contributions are essential.

CDG members can support other unions, including the WGA, but it’s not mandatory. Solidarity among unions can be helpful during negotiations with the same employers.

As an IATSE member, it is essential to be informed about your rights while the WGA is on strike and putting up picket lines at various studios.

As your leaders, we want to make known that we will never cross a picket line as we support all workers in fighting for fair, just, and equitable contracts.

Please check back often; we will update this page with more information and resources as it becomes available.

Social Services: CDG members facing hardships

Picket Schedules and Locations: The Writers will update Picket Schedules and Locations Weekly here

The WGA HUB: Strike Rules

IMPORTANT: Unlawful Interrogation: View PDF Letter


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WGA Strike FAQ

What is the IATSE and Local 892 position on the WGA strike?

IATSE International President Matthew Loeb has stated as follows: “IATSE supports the Writers Guild of America West (WGAW) and the Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) in their collective fight to win a fair contract from Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) on behalf of the talented workers they represent. The motion picture and television industry thrives on the creativity, skill, and labor of every worker involved, and writers’ contributions are an important part of the success of the films, television shows, and other media IATSE members work on. We recognize and support our fellow entertainment workers in their mission to negotiate an agreement that addresses their issues from the AMPTP, an ensemble that includes media-mega corporations collectively worth trillions of dollars.”


Now that the writers are on strike, do I still go to work?

If you have work, then yes, you should go to work.

What are my options if I encounter a WGA picket line at my worksite?

If you encounter a physical picket line at your worksite, you have a legally-protected right not to cross the picket line. If you encounter a picket line and choose not to cross it, you should immediately contact your UPM and let them know that you encountered a WGA picket line and are choosing to honor the picket line.

Your right not to cross a picket line applies regardless of where you encounter the picket line, whether a studio lot, a facility, or an off-site location.

However, if there is no picket line at your worksite, you must go to work.

What happens if I choose not to cross a picket line?

The CDG is proud to serve as official judges for SDCC’s annual talent show, the Comic-Con Masquerade. This prestigious amateur costume competition has competitors from all around the world competing with unique creations. We are also delighted to give an award from our Guild for the costumes we find the most spectacular.

Now that there is a writers’ strike, will I still have to pay my union dues?

Yes. Under our Constitution and By-laws, members must continue to remain current on their dues.

What happens to my MPI hours?

There is currently no bridge for health/pension/IAP hours.

Can I collect Unemployment Insurance if my production shuts down as a result of the strike?


What about my kit?

If your show is affected by a work stoppage, your employer is not responsible for paying your kit rental. Please consult with your UPM to make specific arrangements to collect your property.

Can I join a WGA picket line?

Just as you have a right to choose not to cross a picket line, you also have a right to participate in a WGA picket line on your own time. However, you should not refuse to cross a picket line at your worksite and then immediately join the same picket line.

Can I hold an IATSE sign on the picket line?

No. Holding an IATSE sign may give the incorrect impression that IATSE is on strike. The IATSE has no active dispute with the employers. IATSE and Local 892 are not on strike or sponsoring any picketing.

Can I wear IATSE clothing/pins on the picket line?


I work in commercials, does the WGA strike impact me?

No. The commercial contract is not affected by the WGA strike. The WGA is not on strike against the Association of Independent Commercial Producers. If you are working on a commercial that is being produced at the same location where picketing against a studio or film/television producer is occurring, you may be directed to enter using a separate “reserve” or “neutral” gate. This is permissible.

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